Window Treatments

Draperies are window treatments that work with any decorating style and emphasize the desired look and feel of the room. Whatever you design element you choose, custom draperies are an elegant solution to complete a room.

Draperies and Window Treatments are often the finishing touch that is missing in a room. Designers Workroom offers a vast array of drapery options that can transform a room. We can help choose the desired style that will give your room a finished look.

Chose a category from the selector below or hover over a type of drapery to see the styles we offer.
These are just a few of the styles we offer. If you dont see a style that you prefer, please contact us for additional options.


Types of Window Panels

  • Arched Medallion Panel Picture

    Arched Medallion Panels

  • Austrian Overlay Panel Picture

    Austrian Overlay Panel

  • Button Tab Panel Picture

    Button Tab Panel

  • Cartridge Pleat Panel Picture

    Cartridge Pleat Panels

  • Cuffed Overlay Panel Picture

    Cuffed Overlay Panel

  • Cuffed Panel Picture

    Cuffed Panel

  • Empire Overlay Panel Picture

    Empire Overlay Panel

  • Fan Pleat Panels Picture

    Fan Pleat Panels

  • Goblet Pleat Panels Picture

    Goblet Pleat Panels

  • Grommet Panel Picture

    Grommet Panels

  • Hankerchief Overlay Panel Picture

    Hankerchief Overlay Panel

  • Hourglass Panel With or Without Ruffle Picture

    Hourglass Panel With or Without Ruffle

  • Medallion Panels With Cuff Picture

    Medallion Panels With Cuff

  • Modified Empire Overlay Pan Picture

    Modified Empire Overlay Pan

  • Pencil Pleat Panels Picture

    Pencil Pleat Panels

  • Pinch Pleat Panel Picture


  • Plain Tab Panel Pciture

    Plain Tab Panel

  • Rod Pocket Panel Picture

    Rod Pocket Panel

  • Rod Pocket Panel With Ruffle Picture

    Rod Pocket Panel With Ruffle

  • Ruched Cuff Panel Picture

    Ruched Cuff Panels

  • Shirred Tab With Ruch Picture

    Shirred Tab With Ruch

  • Swag And Cascade Overlay Pan Picture

    Swag And Cascade Overlay Pan

  • Swag Overlay Panel Picture

    Swag Overlay Panel

  • Tie Tab Panel Picture

    Tie Tab Panels

  • Waterfall Overlay Panel Picture

    Waterfall Overlay Panel

  • Waterfall Panel Picture

    Waterfall Panel

  • Waterfall Panels With Pleats Picture

    Waterfall Panels With Pleats

Types of Window Cornices

  • Arched Cornice Picture

    Arched Cornice

  • Center Point Arched Cornice Picture

    Center Point Arched Cornice

  • Center Scallop Cornice Picture

    Center Scallop Cornice

  • Intricate Scallop Cornice Picture

    Intricate Scallop Cornice

  • Picated Angled Cornice Picture

    Picated Angled Cornice

  • Pointed Arched Cornice Picture

    Pointed Arched Cornice

  • Simple Arch Cornice Picture

    Simple Arch Cornice

  • Step Southwest Cornice Picture

    Step Southwest Cornice

  • Straight Banding Cornice Picture

    Straight Banding Cornice

  • Straight Cornice Picture

    Straight Cornice

  • Wide Arched Cornice Picture

    Wide Arched Cornice

Types of Window Valances

  • Austrian Valance Picture

    Austrian Valance

  • Box Pleat Baloon Valance Picture

    Box Pleat Baloon Valance

  • Box Pleat Valance Picture

    Box Pleat Valance

  • Empire No Cascades Picture

    Empire No Cascades

  • Empire Over Panels Picture

    Empire Over Panels

  • Empire With Cascades Picture

    Empire With Cascades

  • Gathered Balloon Valance Picture

    Gathered Balloon Valance

  • Kingston Valance Picture

    Kingston Valance

  • London Valance Picture

    London Valance

  • Mock Roman Shade Valance Picture

    Mock Roman Shade Valance

  • Murphy Valance Picture

    Murphy Valance

  • Napoleon Valance Picture

    Napoleon Valance

  • Parafold Valance Picture

    Parafold Valance

  • Queen Anne Valance Picture

    Queen Anne Valance

  • Rod Pocket Swag Picture

    Rod Pocket Swag

  • Rod Pocket Valance Picture

    Rod Pocket Valance

  • Serperntine Valance Picture

    Serperntine Valance

  • Shaped Flat Valance With Ca Picture

    Shaped Flat Valance With Ca

  • Sheffield Valance Picture

    Sheffield Valance

  • Stagecoach Valance Picture

    Stagecoach Valance

  • Vienna Valance Picture

    Vienna Valance

Types of Roman Shades

  • Austrian Shade Picture

    Austrian Shade

  • Banded Roman Shade Picture

    Banded Roman Shade

  • Flat Roman Shade Picture

    Flat Roman Shade

  • Gathered Balloon Shade Picture

    Gathered Balloon Shade

  • Gathered Balloon With Ruffl Picture

    Gathered Balloon With Ruffl

  • Parafold Roman Shade Picture

    Parafold Roman Shade

  • Pleated London Shade Picture

    Pleated London Shade

  • Relazed Roman Shade Picture

    Relazed Roman Shade

  • Reverse Box Pleat Balloon Picture

    Reverse Box Pleat Balloon

  • Tucked Roman Shade Picture

    Tucked Roman Shade

Types of Swags / Cascades

  • Board Mntd Swg Over Pnls Picture

    Board Mntd Swg Over Pnls

  • Board Mntd Swg Over Pnls Cas Picture

    Board Mntd Swg Over Pnls Cas

  • Board Mounted Swag Picture

    Board Mounted Swag

  • Medallion Swag Picture

    Medallion Swag

  • Thrown Rod swag Picture

    Thrown Rod swag

  • Thrown Rod Swag Picture

    Thrown Rod Swag